Old Pond Life

This page describes the pond life that was found in and around the pond at our old house.


The pond contained:


Various frogs have visited the ponds since construction. In 2000, we added some bullfrog tadpoles (mostly because we didn't know what we were doing!). The contents are now:


A variety of other critters have shown up including snails and a pair of fishing spiders.


The Great Blue Heron is our nemesis. In 2000 we thought that it had eaten all our fish, and we were heartbroken. My three-year old daughter called it the 'Big Bad Bird' and would run outside shouting whenever it appeared. Suprisingly, after a gap of maybe a month, nearly all the fish reappeared. I suspect that they had been hiding in the piece of black plastic drainpipe that I had put in the pond for this purpose. I guess that they were pretty hungry as we hadn't been feeding them.

After this, we now cover the fish (bottom) pond with a net. It doesn't look nice, but we don't really have any option.

Last updated: October, 2005
Philip Gladstone